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“TRACES: Traversing the Past” - it’s an interactive documentary story that will provide a unique look into the painful history of deportations through the challenging adventure of four men. They crossed over 500 kilometres through the wilderness of Siberia on foot and in their inflatable canoes to reach the northernmost point of deportations by the Laptevian sea. What they experienced and realised during the expedition, who they met on the way and what they found in the disappearing cemetery? For almost eighty years Lithuania and its people have been bearing the scars of 1941 deportations – a catastrophic event that was orchestrated and followed through by the Soviet Union.
Created by NANOOK - Filmed by Karolis Pilypas Liutkevičius, Berta Tilmantaitė, Mindaugas Drigotas, Sofija Korf, Gediminas Andriukaitis, Darius Vilkišius, Vigimantas Girnys Edited by Berta Tilmantaite Executive producer: Berta Tilmantaite Producer: Gediminas Andriukaitis
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